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"To be a leading company in the financial services field through constantly anticipating market needs and providing quality services and innovative products that create real and lasting value for customers, thereby contributing to shareholders, staff and the community."

ORIX Leasing Malaysia Berhad (OLM) is the pioneer equipment leasing company in Malaysia. Over the past 30 years, it has established a position of clear leadership in the local leasing industry, financing the acquisition of a vast range of movable assets. These include office automation equipment, computers, manufacturing plant and machinery, commercial vehicles, medical equipment, vessels and construction equipment. While maintaining its status as the leading equipment lessor in the country, the company has also progressively diversified into other areas of financial services as well as related services. Today, it is a leading diversified financial services institution in the country.

OLM was established in September 1973 as a leasing joint-venture with local partners by ORIX Corporation of Japan (ORIX) under the latter's internationalization programme. It commenced operations the following August in a small rented premise in Kuala Lumpur with a handful of staff.

OLM's principal shareholder, ORIX, is the largest independent leasing company in the world. Since its establishment in 1964, the latter has through prudent diversification and opportune geographical expansion steadily developed into a notable global financial services group. Today, the ORIX Group comprises a worldwide network of 175 offices and other locations in 23 countries. ORIX is listed on the Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and New York stock exchanges and has assets of close to US$ 50 billion as at 31st March 2003. ORIX has been the single largest shareholder of OLM since the latter's establishment,with an initial stake of 42.5% which was subsequently increased to 44.5%. Re-affirming its commitment to OLM and confidence in Malaysia, the company increased its shareholding to 80% in December 1998, thereby making OLM its subsidiary. The remaining shares are held by public-listed Antah Holdings Berhad, one of the original local partners.

From the modest beginnings, OLM has grown by leaps and bounds, steadily extending its presence throughout the country. Today, it operates the largest leasing network in Malaysia, with 11 branches strategically located at Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuching, Ipoh, Melaka, Kota Kinabalu, Seremban, Miri, Kuantan, Batu Pahat and Sungei Petani in addition to its head office in Kuala Lumpur. To undertake the various additional financial and related services which it has diversified into, the company has established a total of 16 subsidiaries and an associate company over the years. Presently, the OLM Group employs a total of 800 professional and customer-centric staff, led by an experienced and forward-looking management team.

To meet the growing and changing needs of its customers, OLM has progressively expanded the range of its offerings. From its core business of finance leasing, it has diversified into industrial and consumer hire-purchase, mortgage loan, factoring, confirming, general insurance agency, car rental, fleet management, auto leasing, computer and test equipment rental, venture capital and hotel operation.

OLM serves customers ranging from small sole-proprietorships and partnerships to huge multi-national corporations in industries and trades spanning the entire spectrum of the Malaysian economy. One particular group of customers that it has traditionally been supporting and continues to place special emphasis on are the small and medium-sized industries and enterprises, which constitute a key component of the local economy. The company takes pride in having helped to nurture the growth and realise the potential of these customers, a large number of which have gone on to achieve a listing on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

Having attained a position of leadership in the Malaysian leasing fraternity, OLM's mission is to now be a leading company in the wider financial services field. To achieve this, it will constantly anticipate market needs and provide quality services and innovative products that create real and lasting value for its customers, which in turn will contribute to its shareholders, staff and the community at large. In doing so, the company will always be guided by the values of professionalism, prudence, adaptability, respect, teamwork and integrity. In today's challenging economic environment, it is imperative that an organization must continually innovate and create value for its customers in order to remain relevant. Cognisant of this reality, OLM has, as part of the ORIX Group, embraced a process of continual dynamic evolution, anchored on the stable foundation which it has patiently built up over the years. This is manifested in the continual product innovation and service refinement undertaken by the company. Two good examples of the foregoing are the introduction of computer and test equipment rental and auto leasing on a wide scale in the Malaysian market. Another manifestation of this process is the company's pursuit of strategic partnerships with a growing number of multi-national equipment vendors, in the realisation that such key alliances are the way forward. The development of OLM over the past three decades can aptly be summed up in three words-"Pioneer, Leader, Innovator". As it moves into the new millennium, the company is steadily developing the attributes necessary to attain the ORIX vision to achieve excellence in the 21st century by becoming a globally-respected company.

Shareholders: ORIX Corporation and Antah Holdings Berhad

ORIX Corporation (TSP: 8591; NYSE: IX) is an integrated financial services group based in Tokyo, Japan, providing innovative value-added products and services to both corporate and retail customers. With operations in 23 countries worldwide, ORIX's activities include: leasing, corporate finance, real estate-related finance and development, life insurance, and investment and retail banking. For more details, please visit our web site at: www.orix.co.jp/grp/index_e.htm.

Incorporated as a Bumiputera investment company, Antah began operations in October 1977 as a JV between Syarikat Pesaka Antah Sdn Bhd, a company own by various member of the Royal family of Negeri Sembilan, and Jardine Matheson Holdings (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. It was the first privately held Bumiputera Company to go public in 1983 when its share was listed on KLSE. In August 1985, Antah became fully Malaysian owned when Jardine sold its entire shareholdings to various companies own by the Royal Family of Negeri Sembilan.

Over the years, Antah has developed a broad-based portfolio of investment in financial services, food and beverage retail, specialist services, oil and gas, marketing and distribution, manufacturing, leisure and property and international operations. Its investment strategy has been to set up JVs with multi-national corporations and established Malaysian companies.


Flexibility to constantly develop new products

To meet the challenges of an ever-changing economic environment, ORIX Leasing Malaysia Berhad (OLM) had always stayed ahead by constantly developing new products based on flexible policies to support customers' needs. 

OLM Marketing is strong because of its focus of monitoring customers' needs and providing services that satisfy their requirements. This hands-on approach allows customers to enjoy true efficiency and fast services that surpasses today's expectations of personalized assistance. The approachable attitude allows customers to seek consultation from any member of our staff at all levels. 

Innovative operational models

Since its founding, ORIX Leasing Malaysia Berhad (OLM) has anticipated an endeavored to create new business based on fresh concepts that go beyond existing frameworks. It is the first specialist equipment leasing company established in Malaysia and has over the years played a significant role in financing the capital investment of small and medium size industries, which form the backbone of the local economy. 

OLM began by offering direct financing lease but has expanded into neighbouring financial service sector including hire purchase, factoring, loan, insurance, car rental, to meet customer's needs. OLM entered the field of various loans to individuals and provided an increasingly broarder diversity of financial services. 

On another development vector, OLM broadened its services into rentals of equipment and automobile leasing, thus diversifying its asset financing activities.

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