Business Conduct Principles

Following the spirit of EC21, including such qualities as "pride," "trust," and "respect," ORIX's Business Conduct Principles guide our practice of compliance as we pursue our vision to be a globally respected company. These principles require us to make our utmost efforts to:

  1. Fulfil client satisfaction while creating and providing value that benefits society.

  2. With the highest standards of compliance with all laws, promote fair competition.

  3. Ensure transparent and sound corporate management with appropriate and adequate disclosure to the public.

  4. Continuously improve our business with appropriate corporate governance and adequate disclosure for our shareholders and the market.

  5. Respect diversity of our employees and provide opportunities and environments maximizing their professional development.

  6. Respect the culture, customs and environment of countries and regions where we operate, and positively contribute to those economies and societies.

  7. Strictly avoid involvement of unlawful or anti-social organizations.
  8. Maintain transparent relationships with the authorities and the media.