Our Purpose defines why ORIX Group exists in our world and is at the core of everything we do.
Our Culture is a set of shared values that ORIX Group employees around the world live and champion to achieve our Purpose.

Our Purpose

Finding Paths. Making Impact.

At ORIX Group, we have grown from our roots in leasing
in Japan to become a global, diverse, and unique group,
garnering distinct strengths from our journey.


We explore new opportunities in changing times.
We answer shifting needs with innovative thinking, transcending boundaries.
We connect resources and draw on our diverse expertise to originate unique solutions.


Combining our strengths, we shape new possibilities and find new pathways to impact.
We take on challenges ourselves, and champion others who hope to do the same.


So companies evolve over time, communities are revitalised,
individuals realise their full potential, and our world develops in a sustainable way.


We combine innovative thinking and diverse expertise to find pathways to impact in a world of change.


Our Culture

Find Power in Diversity

Share ideas and collaborate,
explore different perspectives
and transcend boundaries.

Find Adventure in Challenge

Strive for originality and identify
opportunities and risks while seeking
adventure in new challenges.

Find Opportunity in Change

Recognise trends from a big-picture
perspective, act promptly
on signs of change, and find
opportunities to evolve.

Impact Circle

The Impact Circle is a graphic element that is used to communicate ORIX Group’s Purpose. It expresses how we find pathways to impact by combining innovative thinking and diverse expertise.

Impact Circle
ORIX Group Purpose & Culture Video